Your car consumes too much fuel and has lack of power during overtaking?

Vehicle’s torque is tightly related to fuel consumption. The faster you gain desired speed and the lower RPM is, the lower fuel consumption is. At the same time it will ensure smoother and safer journey.

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Why it's not done in factory?

For sure it would be possible to tune cars to maximum thrift and power, but car producers are developing cars for international market and the requirements regarding different kinds of ensurances, fuel quality and climate conditions are just few factors that engineers have to consider during development – so therefore they need to accept a lot of compromises. At the same time software optimizing is one of the key marketing tools. With different software the car producer can sell the very same engine to different car models and gain more profit from some models. For example Mercedes C 200 CDI and C 220 CDI difference is only in the electronics.

The same goes to trucks and tractors where the different power settings are sold with extra cost. Although you can always make the factory settings better and lower fuel consumption and gain more power at the same time.

VKM Motors team has over 10 years of experience. We will always offer solution for your problem and give warranty to our work – during 30 days we will restore factory settings, if it is needed.

Unlike many other in the market – we don’t install any extra feature or setting to your vehicle that might damage the engine. All the changes are done in the ECU and the factory settings can be restored, since we store it in our database.

We are one of the few companies that handles also new so called antituning ECUs, that can be found in new vehicles. We can also tune the tractor on the field.

For passenger vehicles:

1. Up to 20% lower fuel consumption
2. Up to 30% more power and torque
3. Safer and smoother drive
4. ECU tuning that will not reduce the lifetime of your engine
5. Vehicle will be more environmental friendly

For trucks:

1. Up to 15% lower fuel conumption for commercial vehicles (2-5l /100km)
2. Up to 500NM extra torque
3. Up to 60% lower AD-BLUE consumption
4. Lower costs, faster and better quality transport

Our customers’ commercial vehicles has run over 1300000km and passenger vehicles over 400000km without any claims – so the engile lifetime has not been reduced.

How much does it cost?

Which is the efect?





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