VKM Racing Team is a Drag Race team that has participated in the Estonian drag racing series since 2001 and in addition to domestic races it has been successful also in the Baltics, Finland and Sweden.

We have won every possible race in Estonia and Finland, but we want more. We are making preparations for taking the next European master title. Sad fact: we don’t have enough resources to do it with our personal budget. So we wrote down our achievements and goals for the season 2018 and pointed out few examples, how VKM Racing Team can make their sponsors more visible.

We are more focused on the true involvement of our partners than just putting a logo somewhere. Together we can move a mountain, you just have to figure out, do you want to be standing next to us, when we come home with the next European record.

VKM Racing Team 2018 season for sponsors (in estonian).


Key to success  in both sports and business, is to have a great teamwork. We are currently making preparations for the European Championship and we invite you to be part of it.