VKM Racing Team is a Drag Race team that has participated in the Estonian drag racing series since 2001 and in addition to domestic races it has been successful also in the Baltics, Finland and Sweden.

We have won every possible race in Estonia and Finland, but we want more. Our goal is to take the next European master title.

Our achievements over the years:
2001-2006 Successful appearances at various races
2007 Estonian champions
2008 Baltic champions
2009 Second place at Estonian Championship
2010 Estonian champions
6th place at SPET in Finland
2011 2nd place at Street B in Finland
2012 Finnish Outlaw Champion
2013 3rd place at SPS in Finland
2014 We set a record with 6.953 sec / 323 km/h
2015 Winners in Nitro National class SPS with the time 6.741 sec / 333 km/h
Tierp Arena Sweden 6.635 sec / 338 km/h
2017 Finnish Champion
European fastest 6 cylinder car 6.5 sec / 347 km/h
2018 Finnish Competition Eliminator 2nd place.
Personal new record 6.46 sec / 352 km/h
Kauhava track record 6.46 sec / 352 km/h


Today we received two beautiful custom piston sets from our sponsor JE Pistons! The reason we are using JE pistons in our engine is very simple – these are the best ones we have ever had! If you want to order JE pistons, we can help you to choose the correct ones! Dont hesitate to contact us!
Thank you for helping us to catch the new Europan record! Co-ordSport Race Winning Brands JE Pistons

The season is on and we invite you to be part of it. Follow our Facebook page and see, how we are doing. 

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