• Service and repair
  • Oil change
  • Axles adjusting
  • Diagnostics
  • Climate system check and repairing
  • Tyre services


  • 2wd and 4wd
  • Power measuring
  • Tuning
  • AF and Boost on graph
  • Detonation detection
  • Tractor dyno


Service, repairing, body works, tuning etc.


Racing and tuning parts

Hire-purchase is provided by AS LHV Finance. Take a look at the terms and conditions at a sales point or and consult our specialist.

The monthly payment of a hire-purchase is € 31.97 and annual percentage rate 25.59% per annum on the following example conditions: cost of goods/services € 650, downpayment 0%, credit amount € 650, interest rate 19.9% of the balance per annum (fixed), contract fee € 19.9 and the period of payment is 25 months. The sum shall be paid in monthly annuities and the total sum of payments is € 820.


Lower fuel consumption

Up to 20% lower fuel consumption.

More power

Up to 30% more torque and power.

No efect to engine lifetime

ECU tuning will not reduce the lifetime of the engine.

Environmental friendly

Vehicle will be more environmental friendly.